the moving of the tripod account

April 20, 2008

Hi Igot the the scribe fire addon and it worked out a little better than the tripod web interphase.

free Displays the amount of used and free system memory does not work in net bsd

shutdown -r minutes

-w shows which users are on. (does work in net bsd)

man -t man | ps2pdf – > man.pdf

I found this and thought how useful it would be.

And tried and now I can make a pdf book on my memory stick of commands I use but not enough to really know all the options.

Why learn about open VMS?

Intereting project place:

BC, Info
BC Script example from the internet link above:
print "\nConvert Fahrenheit to Celsius\n\n"
print "Temperature in Fahrenheit: " ; fah = read()
print "\n"
print "Equivalent Temperature in Celsius is: "
(fah - 32.0) * 5.0 / 9.0
My own script that I built for Currency changing.
print "\dollar to euro program\n\n"
print "Amount of Dollars to convert: " ; dollar = read()
print "The Conversion Rate For Today Is: "; convert = read()
print "\n"
print "Your Dollars Purchased this many Euros: "
(dollar) * (convert)
print "\Euro to Dollar Program\n\n"
print "Amount of Euros to convert: " ; euro = read()
print "The Conversion Rate For Today Is: "; convert = read()
print "\n"
print "Your Dollars Purchased this many Euros: "
(euro) * (convert)

A bit of running around the SDF account

Linux command uptime.


Type uptime you get days hours minutes seconds and average CPU time.

alpha-netbsd 2.1.0_stable

Is what I get when I type uname -r

Uname -m It says Alpha

Wow not linux but net bsd

helped with the moving of the file

Great started learning it.

signed up for an SDF account.

I went ahead gave the 36 membership fee.

I got access to BC and SC commands which were important to me.

Learning about elm and pine and trying real hard to run my internet life through a shell.

I am using putty but there is no reason not to use an SSH in Linux either.

But I am having trouble coping and pasting sing MC.

I have to read up on it.

So the geek in me is getting a look about in the openvms. It seems
it is a even more hardy operating system than unix or linux. Its
commands seem to be more common sense.

So far the command line
runs off something called DCL which controls the operating system. I
have a shell account athe Openvms hobby site on a Vax server named

To run Open VMS on a vax station the 4000 series seems the
best with the 60 model being the most practical and the VAXstation 4000
VLC being the most portable.

It seems HP provideds some free were and there is hobby LTU program.

looked at linux console distro. I have not heard of it but it seems to
be a live version CD product.

Seems French and cutting edge. Did not down load it. But it looked nice.

Well I had a look into some shell acounts today.

Also had a look into open vms something I have not looked into for a long time.

Is the open vms link. I wonder can you do email in open vms. would you want to really really.

got into some pine on the Garo unix shell server. For a one time 10
euro fee you get a for real shell account for a long time on Debian.
It did not do BC which is a real shame.

Have a look it only
holds the first 250 if you are the last then it will be on you to do as
you like. But it is gone the account. But you can use the same
password again


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