New Ubuntu came I got this from my news letter g2linux

April 25, 2008

from the also very popular Debian, is one of the most important
candidates to be a replacement for Microsoft products, specially in the
Desktop arena.

Ubuntu is every time more and more user-friendly, it installs
automatically the codecs needed to watch movies, or listen to music,
detect automatically printers and cameras attached to it, and I am not
saying some others also did this, but Ubuntu also did this, and has
some other points as advantage, like the Free CDs, like aptitude as a
package manager, and who can’t deny… a lot and I mean a lot of

In the server arena, I have not personally tested Ubuntu, but any
server I can install will perform the same with any Linux distro, as
Linux is by itself very stable, I do not know how Ubuntu performs in
real big and loaded servers, but coming from Debian, should be one of
the best, maybe together with Debian itself, CentOS, SUSE, RedHat.

As anything famous Ubuntu as lovers and haters, but all that
controversy only increase its popularity, so if you are one of the
lovers, go to and download the latest versions.


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