Linux this week

April 29, 2008

Well, my geekyness is getting the better of me. I have been linuxing my self very good.
This weekend I did two full xp, ubuntu Hardy Heron installs. One DSL linux, One Pud and one slack install. These were physical boxes. I am also starting to work on my novell desktop administrator course. And looking hard in the linux lab at work.

The Pud linux has a place on a small USB Stick it has a good kernal and can be used in little space and can use the ubuntu respositories. Linux seems to be really catching on in China because I have looked at two linux distros this week Pud and CleanCD linux both have the Traditional Chinese. Lets hope. Still holding out on a Slug, Nokia 770,800 or 810, popcorn or EEEPC no real need for them as we speak.
I have been really surprised the last few weeks how my life has really changed with the use of portable aps. Going 100% opensource aps has really changed the way I do things. Everything is there. Also since nothing gets installed on the machine for the first time in my life I am really following the Corp IT standards. We still use IE 6.0 and that is no fun in the real world of tabs. But such is life. The only one that I do not use the open office on the stick it is too bing for my 1GB stick really. I do use sc for the spreadsheet or google aps as much as possible and I use the MS products as needed. But everything else is open source or pure linux off my 10.3 open suse box. Great happenings with that portable aps for sure especially with that backup product they have.


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