inux only: We’re big fans of application dock and launcher Avant Window Navigator
around here, but free utility Cairo-Dock makes a strong showing as
well, not least for its highly-configurable and slick appearance, as
well as a good range of plug-ins and third-party applets. Changing
Cairo-Dock’s appearance with transparencies, two-bar-splitting, and
other tweaks is a bit easier than with AWN, and, while not offered in
as many official repositories, it’s easily installed on Ubuntu and
Debian-based systems, and not too hard to compile for other
distributions as well. Cairo-Dock is a free download for Linux systems
only. Hit the via link for help on an Ubuntu installation and


cp /KNOPPIX/lib/modules/2.4.26/kernel/drivers/block/cloop.o /mnt/hdb/mydsl/modules/.