Ah the Vitural Machines

December 23, 2008

Being a bit sad with the way getting my VMware images was going from the torrents there I choose to look for Virtual Box.  I got the Deb file installed it.  Got the auth cert from sun to do the repo updated.  Then I found http://virtualbox.wordpress.com/images/ the rest was simple.

Be sure you keep the compressed files incase you make a mistake in upgrading.


I got my work Ubuntu machine running great.
I have the vmplayer for testing new linux distos and running the XP every now and again.

With the vmx there you can put a bootable iso into the cd and run a live CD as VM machine.

Hi everyone, I hope you are doing fine today 15 December 2008.  I have a very old Pentium MMX 200 machine that is currently running ubuntuserver.
I would like to see if puppy linux will boot.

It does and works well with the 512MB ram on the little HP Kayak machine.

So after looking to see of apache was working or not working I saw that while possible to do this it is not really popular to do so.

Puppy likes to use a machine with webserver called Hiawatha.

According to the Hiawatha the project started in January 2002 as a small webserver with eye torwards cutting edge internet security issues of the time. 

Will see how the install really works out soon 🙂

12 Dec Linux Notes

December 12, 2008

Good Chrome leaves beta soon

been awhile

December 11, 2008

linux is still ruling my life.
Todays notes are about the gOS version three linux in a cloud.
I got the live CD.
Looks great the loading of the first part was interesting a bit.  Because I could not move the mouse or key pad.

It booted looked great.
I could not get it to get an IP address with DCHP inside my work network.
The games were very good.

It has both open office and Google docs gears and supports face book aps to.

Link Notes 9 Dec 2008

December 9, 2008

Ok I had a slow day at the office so to speak.  And I had a chance to review some live CD’s.  I down loaded the following:  The Puppy Linux 4.1, Fedora 10 Live CD, BSDanywere 4.4 and DSL (The current Stable version)

The test machine was my IBM T23 Laptop with 1GB ram and PCMIA wireless card. 

Puppy Linux went first, it was small fast, it had sea monkey on it.  I was able to do web kind of stuff.  I gave it to my wife and son who love the Microsoft products.  And they both could work well with it.  It looked simple my wife was really impressed that she clicked what she thought was a word icon and the word process came up.  She was also supprised to see the speed at which the single click called the different applications up.  She also enjoyed thep paint program but noted there is no card game like in windows.  With Puppy the wiresless card worked out of the box but the lights did not flash on the card.

DSL also loaded well and was fast but I could not get the network card to work the interphase was not as good.  DSL has always had a soft spot because of the clear screens and light weight requirements.  But I have always had my best luck with it on old lap tops.

BSD Anywere 4.04 a live cd of open BSD.  It had enlightenment.  It worked really well and was much faster than Fedora 10 in loading.  Enlightment was very pretty, slick and fast.  None of my wireless worked well.  But it looked to have compiz fusion like features on my 6 year old lap top.  Great looking live CD that looks like it would also work better on a desk top. 

Fedora 10 Live CD, took the longest of the live cds to load.  It had some nice backgrounds but was not as pretty as the BSD.  I could not get the networking to work like with Puppy linux.  It did not have spreadsheet applicaiton.  It was very basic looking almost ubuntu like.  It had very poor performance on my old laptop.