What Can you do with your SD Card or USB Stick?

January 30, 2009

Well as much as I would like to say that my work laptop a Compaq 2510 runs linux.  It does not all the time because IE6 or IE7 needs to be used for BOSS and payroll type applications.

So on Vista what are your options for open source free?
Well I found you can get a full instance of portable aps on a USB Stick.

The Applications vary from Office software to games and it comes with the best back up software I have ever used in Windows  Toucan.  But it does not stop there.  All of it is free and open sorce so it does not violate any work rules it has the same rules as linux in my work pace
So I have all the Mozilla products there thunderbird, sunbird and fire fox are there and I have the good extentions and plugins for for firefox also.  The Foxmarks keeps my bookmarks on linux or any other firefox instance synced to include my go PC out of perth Austrailia.

On the game part of portable aps I run Dos box and Atrain Simcity all the great old DOS games I have are still going very well on the machine and all on a 4GB chip.

I also have four other browsers there
Google Chrome recently was added as well.

Avent, Opera, Sleipnir for extra features just in calse.  Sleipnir is a near cloe of IE 6.  Then I have a Utorrent.exe that is self contained.  Of course Skype portable is there the non U3 version Its a bit older but works well to call home from anywere. 

There also an instance of winamp that is so old I am not sure wht it dies but it is ver good for playing my mpe’s off a portable harddisk in the hotel plus it looks so much better than VLC or cool payer on the portable aps disk

for the linux side of things I have a version of DSL that I click the bat file and it comes right up.  I just double clikck pendrive.bat and it comes up on kernel 2.4.31

Its pretty fast like all DSL versions areand very good if I need a small web page for a work served up also it has a full office suite and well as ssh ability.


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