Good Day every one.  My Netteir 1000 terminal came from Ebay recentlyadit was small ligh and did not make noise but it was pretty used.  I saw a guy was converting wah would be trash normally into something lightweight that I could put anywereand use as a therminal pretty easy. He modded it adding a ide compact flash drive and switching out the biosfor local boot.  He hot glued a 250mb compact flah drive in and had puppt 4.12going jus fine buwith only 57M space.  It was pretty hard to get the compact flahsout so i wanted to do but even with so many over 500 dollar boxes out there this 10 year od terminal was doing just fine with puppy installed.  The only part I did not like was no firefox 3.06 ready for this.  Also puppy can not update itself via the package manager because of the proxy.  I think what I will do is add the old fire fox with greasemonkey for my games and just use the seahorse 1.11 for normal browsing.

I found that I had to wait about 10 seconds for a page and flash is not 100%  but note taking, ssh and all the other tools are quick and the calendar looks very large so I can see it with the time from a good ways off.


Rock Box 3.1

February 16, 2009

Well I got all the stuff to get Rockbox 3.1 going on my H10.
I was very upset when my first interview did not record right on the H10.

Will offer a full post of the upgrade and try to find what went wrong with the recording.

My Happy Adventure goes on

February 16, 2009

Well, Good news and bad news on the linux front guys and gals in the internets.
I got the Lenny to work with Flux box.  I had to make find someone who had the same graphics card I did and add a few lines into the display section of the xorg.conf file.  Then it worked like a champ.

And the Flux box makes that 7 year old PC work well it can be used very quickly.
The down side about it is the menus are hard for me to update and not all the applications I installed show up on the menu’s.

Abi word is an example of this.  But Ice owl and Ice dove work well.  I could not get oprea to work with Lenny for some reason.  Ubuntu works fine.  So it is by no means all done.

One of the things I did before the x window problem was done I made sure I could ssh into the box and make changes with nano as root if I needed to.

So the X does not work so I can do that no problem.

February 4, 2009

Well as you have heard in the Podcast I have been looking for something a bit more like DSL that I an have on a harddisk that updates itself that is fast.

I found two links that looked good with just plain old Debian and so far so good.

The second looks really more like what I am looking for because it runs JDM for home use.
The first looks just fine for work.
The old box is really just a small samba or apache 2 server.

The upgrade from Etch to Lenny took some time much longer than the net install and not each and everything was able to be updated.  Its important to note all I had was the base system. Web server and File server selected no x stuff installed.

Big Test is coming soon will the Etch system that I updated boot with Lenny? 
Calculating dependencies between modules takes some time.  Load Base Policy also does. done and it is slow with the reboot 😦 

Is says Server name login :   [ 53.653955] eth0: Linux up, 10Mbps, half-duplex ah press the return key and it works wow a long 10 minutes for that. 

I have the problem that my video card in the old box only goes up to 1024×768 the monitor can do a few settings higher.  Its very hard in Debian or Fedora to change it under xbuntu it can see the changes fine.