February 4, 2009

Well as you have heard in the Podcast I have been looking for something a bit more like DSL that I an have on a harddisk that updates itself that is fast.

I found two links that looked good with just plain old Debian and so far so good.

The second looks really more like what I am looking for because it runs JDM for home use.
The first looks just fine for work.
The old box is really just a small samba or apache 2 server.

The upgrade from Etch to Lenny took some time much longer than the net install and not each and everything was able to be updated.  Its important to note all I had was the base system. Web server and File server selected no x stuff installed.

Big Test is coming soon will the Etch system that I updated boot with Lenny? 
Calculating dependencies between modules takes some time.  Load Base Policy also does. done and it is slow with the reboot 😦 

Is says Server name login :   [ 53.653955] eth0: Linux up, 10Mbps, half-duplex ah press the return key and it works wow a long 10 minutes for that. 

I have the problem that my video card in the old box only goes up to 1024×768 the monitor can do a few settings higher.  Its very hard in Debian or Fedora to change it under xbuntu it can see the changes fine. 


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