My Happy Adventure goes on

February 16, 2009

Well, Good news and bad news on the linux front guys and gals in the internets.
I got the Lenny to work with Flux box.  I had to make find someone who had the same graphics card I did and add a few lines into the display section of the xorg.conf file.  Then it worked like a champ.

And the Flux box makes that 7 year old PC work well it can be used very quickly.
The down side about it is the menus are hard for me to update and not all the applications I installed show up on the menu’s.

Abi word is an example of this.  But Ice owl and Ice dove work well.  I could not get oprea to work with Lenny for some reason.  Ubuntu works fine.  So it is by no means all done.

One of the things I did before the x window problem was done I made sure I could ssh into the box and make changes with nano as root if I needed to.

So the X does not work so I can do that no problem.


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