My New Terminal Puppy Linux 4.12

February 28, 2009

Good Day every one.  My Netteir 1000 terminal came from Ebay recentlyadit was small ligh and did not make noise but it was pretty used.  I saw a guy was converting wah would be trash normally into something lightweight that I could put anywereand use as a therminal pretty easy. He modded it adding a ide compact flash drive and switching out the biosfor local boot.  He hot glued a 250mb compact flah drive in and had puppt 4.12going jus fine buwith only 57M space.  It was pretty hard to get the compact flahsout so i wanted to do but even with so many over 500 dollar boxes out there this 10 year od terminal was doing just fine with puppy installed.  The only part I did not like was no firefox 3.06 ready for this.  Also puppy can not update itself via the package manager because of the proxy.  I think what I will do is add the old fire fox with greasemonkey for my games and just use the seahorse 1.11 for normal browsing.

I found that I had to wait about 10 seconds for a page and flash is not 100%  but note taking, ssh and all the other tools are quick and the calendar looks very large so I can see it with the time from a good ways off.


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