asus 701 eeepc

Postby jwp1 » Fri Mar 13, 2009 3:28 am

Hi I have the stock version of linux on my asus 701.
I want to have an updated browser will presto work on the 701? the camera and wifi?

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Re: asus 701 eeepc

Postby xandroskenw » Fri Mar 13, 2009 11:51 am

Hi jwp1,

Unfortunately, Presto 1.0 does not support your ASUS Eee PC 701. The first release is to work in conjunction with Windows XP or Vista. This means that it requires the system with Windows XP or Vista installed.



Ubuntu 8.04

March 13, 2009

Hi the Lenny was not working on the very old Kayak HP computer 256 Ram and 300 PII so I had to install 8.04  the desktop worked great I have a can’t resolve host name issue but the static IP seems to work fine.  So I looked into remote connections of the Gnome desk top and I have to say that vnc has gotten tired.  I went on the advice of the open solaris people over to the website and down loaded the three db files.  Used winscp portable to connect to the workstation from vista.  copied the files over to my home directory in an new folder then did the sudo commands via putty then down loaded the windows client no fuss.  No worries, no problems it just worked real fast.

Very very happy with no Machine it works great 🙂

Good day hello every one.  My thin client computer stopped working the 256MB CF card was just too little for it.  So I paid $6.97 for a new Hama CF card 1GB and went through a series of exercises.  First thing I learned was Ubooten is not for each and every I/O second thing I learned that making a boot able USB stick is different than making a boot able CF card that will be used as ATA disk.  Third thing I learned that making a boot able USB stick in Vista is next to impossible when compared to how easy it was in XP.  That for both DSL and and Puppy Linux it is best to use the make a CD then make a boot able pen drive or CF card from the live distro.  (It took me about 5 hours to get this all worked through so if you do this and really read the steps all the way through you will save some time)

I have to say that I really like Box Pup 1.0 with the Opera it was easy to add the fire fox and sea monkey to it as well and it is based on open box and looks great runs in 60MB ram so I still have half the memory on the terminal.  Two negative things though the saving the 512mB PUP SAVE FILE takes a good bit of time.  And the things you add to the puppy just like open box in Debian do not show up in the menu so you will have to use the console to bring them up or learn to edit an open box menu.

Well not much going on in the Linux and free software world today. I got my official free sun Microsystems open solaris disk today. It came with a customs form on it and clearly printed the rules. I am all set to go pure open source for my desk top at work now.

I can get a vm server to log into remotely I might not even have to dual boot.

If I can get wine with 2007 office to work for when I have presentations. The presentation mode in Linux or solaris is not the best in the moment. But one can hope intel will come up with something.

You can get your free disk from sun on their download web site. I am telling you if you have used open SUSE 11.1 or the new fedora you will never go back once you have installed this. And it has ZFS out of the box. You might want to listen to floss weekly this week because they had the sun guys on talking about zfs.

OK just a quick how to about installing boot able images to a compact flash or usb key.

OK get your distro, I like fedora 9, puppy Linux 4.12 and slax as good memory stick bootables. Just the ISO files and run the check sums they have a good program for this at

Then get your iso transition software called unetbootin

follow the steps here:

The steps given there will work with any distro and unebootin.

Have a great day

Well as you know my converted puppy linux terminal is going good.  I was able to mount several samba shares at home but it does not do well samba at work because there about 10,000 sambas out there.  I tried to connect to my slack ware samba and it had a bunch of utf errors from the console.  So rather than work it out and upgrade the slaxware 12 or puppy linux I thought well I wonder if NFS is on puppy linux and we would see..

Ok so
Is saying puppy users a command set of busy box which is not the full linux command tree.  And NFS is not standard.  To over come this they recommend a command called mount-FULL

but it seems in this post that many people got the problem mounting NFS so I will just see how it goes.

But what is NFS and how does it work?

NFS, Network File System, is a file sharing protocol in a UNIX network. It is the de facto UNIX standard. It is strongly associated with UNIX systems, though it can be used on any platform such as Macintosh and Microsoft Windows operating systems.

Good Day today I wanted to talk about installing a Lenny installation on my Asus 701. Many of you know that I have to have a good updated fire fox web browser with my Linux and debain and cruncheee were doing very well I liked easy peasy linux on it but it did not look clean enough and I could not get the Microphone to work. But I can always boot back into the original and do voice or video. I moved back to crunchee when I could not get the wireless to work. Although after reading I could have gotten the same Kernel that cruncheee used and kept the way cool LDXE desktop that my wife liked as well as me.

I also got a HCT HDM150A 5GB MP3 player that does everything.

I did not need it but for 47 bucks marked down from 199.00 and never opened I got it.

I like because it plays ogg and they even had one on the clearance that played flac but I wanted a smaller one and the one that played flac was 90.00

It has a pleasing display and used a standard usb charging plug which was great. I will keep my rockbox H10 I river for the time being but it is always good to pick up a deal. But I got busted out by my son who said you should only buy things you need not things you thing are the good deal.