Debain on the Asus EEE 701 & HCT 150 A Review

March 1, 2009

Good Day today I wanted to talk about installing a Lenny installation on my Asus 701. Many of you know that I have to have a good updated fire fox web browser with my Linux and debain and cruncheee were doing very well I liked easy peasy linux on it but it did not look clean enough and I could not get the Microphone to work. But I can always boot back into the original and do voice or video. I moved back to crunchee when I could not get the wireless to work. Although after reading I could have gotten the same Kernel that cruncheee used and kept the way cool LDXE desktop that my wife liked as well as me.

I also got a HCT HDM150A 5GB MP3 player that does everything.

I did not need it but for 47 bucks marked down from 199.00 and never opened I got it.

I like because it plays ogg and they even had one on the clearance that played flac but I wanted a smaller one and the one that played flac was 90.00

It has a pleasing display and used a standard usb charging plug which was great. I will keep my rockbox H10 I river for the time being but it is always good to pick up a deal. But I got busted out by my son who said you should only buy things you need not things you thing are the good deal.


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