puppy linux off a cf card

March 8, 2009

Good day hello every one.  My thin client computer stopped working the 256MB CF card was just too little for it.  So I paid $6.97 for a new Hama CF card 1GB and went through a series of exercises.  First thing I learned was Ubooten is not for each and every I/O second thing I learned that making a boot able USB stick is different than making a boot able CF card that will be used as ATA disk.  Third thing I learned that making a boot able USB stick in Vista is next to impossible when compared to how easy it was in XP.  That for both DSL and and Puppy Linux it is best to use the make a CD then make a boot able pen drive or CF card from the live distro.  (It took me about 5 hours to get this all worked through so if you do this and really read the steps all the way through you will save some time)

I have to say that I really like Box Pup 1.0 with the Opera it was easy to add the fire fox and sea monkey to it as well and it is based on open box and looks great runs in 60MB ram so I still have half the memory on the terminal.  Two negative things though the saving the 512mB PUP SAVE FILE takes a good bit of time.  And the things you add to the puppy just like open box in Debian do not show up in the menu so you will have to use the console to bring them up or learn to edit an open box menu.


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