Ubuntu 8.04

March 13, 2009

Hi the Lenny was not working on the very old Kayak HP computer 256 Ram and 300 PII so I had to install 8.04  the desktop worked great I have a can’t resolve host name issue but the static IP seems to work fine.  So I looked into remote connections of the Gnome desk top and I have to say that vnc has gotten tired.  I went on the advice of the open solaris people over to the http://www.nomachine.org website and down loaded the three db files.  Used winscp portable to connect to the workstation from vista.  copied the files over to my home directory in an new folder then did the sudo commands via putty then down loaded the windows client no fuss.  No worries, no problems it just worked real fast.

Very very happy with no Machine it works great 🙂


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