Firefox turns 5

November 10, 2009

With the current state of opensource and the windows 7 launch.  Firefox just turned five.  It seems I have had a flavor of the browser for many years.  Starting with the netscape browser the one you payed for.  Seamonkey has long been on my puppy linux box.  (A 9 year old computer)  The lastest firefox with all the plugins can be very slow even on new hardware.  I recomend if you want a firefox like experience with out the plugins for normal browsing that you go with Seamonkey for general web browsing and use firefox when you want to do some work like post in this blog or play an online game that runs scripts.  I also read an article that said that linux had no in roads on the desk top.  Wow and obvious Mac or windows person wrote it.  But made some really good points firefox with 330 million users is a success and is free and open.  Have a look


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