Google Gears

November 11, 2009

Today my passion was pushing me to the cloud.
I already share my documents in google docs for my games and a few work things.
I have a few really sweet email addresses a 4 digit hotmail account and 4 digit excite account.

I had heard that google docs could be used off line and wondered how that worked.
I typed in google docs offline in the firefox search tool and a wonderful video came up.
It was not really clear that you needed google gears and that is was an extension.
But the google video did show exactly how it worked if you installed it.

So after five or six minutes of tooling around I figured it out. is the link and it looks like a normal firefox add on.  Further it is open source. Then it is vauge about what it does it says lets applications interact naturally with your desktop.  If you click the faq it tells you a bit more.  It says you may use google gears access information offline or provide you with geographical content based on your location.  It can work with a number things but is used for google reader and google docs.  In the non google sapce Zoho and remember the milk.  It also has a mobile editions. 

The really strong thing about this is that it can sync each of your computers all of them.  You just have to use firefox or Internet explorer.


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