What Is Google Gadgets

November 11, 2009

I have played with various addons to opera for some time.  And I have few things for windows vista on the right hand side but I felt I was missing out on standard things on my ubuntu desktop.  When I did my search for google gears google gadgets also came up. 

It appears there are three flavors of google gadgets:  Google desktop for windows (I did not like this so much on windows xp) and the gadgets found on igoogle which sometimes are also a pain.  But with IGoogle it only takes one click for them to go away.  The google desktop works on both mac or windows.  But for a good while there was no linux.  So google code started one under the Apache License system.  

Many of the windows and mac gadgets work on linux.  This is done through a cross enabling which they did not talk much about on the website.  There is two componets of google gadgets.  One is the common gadget library which runs and presents the gadget.  The other is a host program which allows for gadget selection.  It comes in GTK and QT and says the GTK has a sidebar like the windows vista one.  (Poor qt)

They want to you to do a bunch of stuff with tar balls but 9.10 ubuntu desktop remix has both qt and gtk in the application manager.  There was also some plugins for gstreamer aswell as the common gadgets.  2.9 meg down load.  It shows up in the internet application part of ubuntu.  It only has five gadgets there the rss reader does not have a newspaper in it so it has an error and it does look like the windows vista a lot.  The clock was removed by me quickly as it takes too much space. 

How to get new gadgets?  Five is two few and the update did not work with ubuntu
It does work to go to the google desktop site and down load the .gg file
then double click on it in the fire fox download panel.  It will install.
Of note there is a collapse option that makes the gadgets very small so you can have 20 of them on your net book if you like.
Ok I got them now I picked about 7 of them all the good google ones, a twitter one as well. Of great note for the netbook you do not need to use the side bar all the time.  It is small button active on my menu panel in ubuntu.  A great way to make your laptop netbook with ubuntu a whole lot better for sure


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