Ubuntu 10.04 LTS

June 3, 2010

Good Day it has been a while since I posted sorry life just starts.  I have Ubuntu 10.04 running on my two netbooks and one desktop. It seems to be a fine linux distro.  I still run 8.04 on some of my older workstations/servers at work though as the cpu type is the last supported release.

The Mac buttons do require some getting used to and I really wish that I could choose thunderbird as the email client in the special panel section instead of the default gnome email client.

Ubuntu one is taking a long time to sync it worked better with 9,10 in my opinion.

I noticed from Dave Yates that he went back to debian.  I might have done it to but the install is really easy and I can have all of the applications I want.  On the netbooks I have found 10.04 to be very manageable with no need for flux box or xfce.

Another great feature about 10.04 is they finally got the usb creator to work and have a way to save documents to it with no hassle it is really easy to use. I upgraded all my machines with it.  (Another reason I did not use fedora 13 or debain stable)


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