Fedora 13 LXDE

June 22, 2010

Hi everyone, I am slowly getting all the computers in my life updated.   And the Old IBM laptop’s XP finally came strange end with the network card not working.  I had remembered that Open Solaris 2008 had a great networking manager that showed very clearly if the network connection was working.  So installed from a live CD and sure enough it was a XP issue and not a hardware issue.  With Open Solaris future in flux I thought that even though I really like the desk top and how clean and clear it is I thought well Fedora needs to be looked at.  A very old Pentium M in it with 1GB Ram and 20GB disk.  with my Ubuntu running Gnome and my Debain running KDE 3.5/Slack 13.1 KDE 4.0  I thought why not have another look at Fedora LXDE Spin.  Its an certified offering from Fedora.  Not a none sponsored community spin.  (Like Hotdog)  I found the installation really straight forward.  I did it the same way all machines have with 10GB for the OS, 1 GB Swap and the rest in a /home partition.  This makes it really easy not to have to do the disk the transfer.  The hardest part of distro upgrades for me is the data so having a /home partition is much better.  Also in Fedora’s favor was a great help with the codex’s, a real repo for Adobe products.  On each machine except the Debain I have Firefox, Chrome, Seamonkey, opera, Adobe Flash installed.    It was pretty easy.  With the RPM using su more than sudo was very interesting.  Overall the the LXDE worked on 224mb of ram, I found the CPU was the hardest on the system with all the updates taking 100% CPU.  About as fast as Puppy Linux but with more options for software.


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