A Short update

November 6, 2010

Hi everyone I have been away a long time.  I was busy with the volks marches, army stuff and hunting.  My Linux, device and general geekynees went on though.  But I was often worried about the quality of the podcast as I was turned off by the endless droning of folks that never really say anything useful or are not really being that wow with the linux stuff anymore.

Lets start with the devices.  While away I took open wirt off the NSLU2 and put debian lenny on it.  in the moment its just a console only machine but I have hopes for something more with it.  Its turned off in the moment.  The total time to get it working was about two hours and total cost for the project was about $105 dollars.  For some reason the NSLU2 is cheaper on ebay in europe than in the states right now.  If you looking for really cheap and engery effective why to learn debian it would be really hard to beat the NSLU2 down.

N770 Nokia tablet, its been a love of mine for sometime.  but the opera browser on the 2006 version was letting me do its primary function now.  I am lost I do GPS in the car unless its a family trip or business trip.  Private stuff for hunting, fishing or volksmarching is still using my mind and map to find what I am looking for.  The primary reason I use the tablet these days is to connect via G3 to google maps.  So I got the hacker version 2008 and installed it.  I found it a bit slower but kept the primary reason in mind.  The installed the FB Reader and weather stuff on it.  I have been thinking about the N810 but then something else happened.

I was able to get a gen one Iphone on ebay for 114.00 including shiping.  It arrived non jail broke from the states not able to do anything.  So first order business was to go to the linux, apple geeky group of Germans at the back of the office.  Joseaphin had my iphone jail broke using my GSM from voda phone.  She also put all the places to get all the great stuff that makes your jail broke Iphone a great thing.  In the moment it handles all my portable streaming meadia requirements.  And a lot of news and it does face book, mail, sms and skpye via the wifi connection.  I started using the kindle books and I found that it remembered were I was on the kindle dx and moved it to the iphone.  It only uses the I phone version 3.10 so not that much new stuff works but everything that I need to stay in touch is on there and the google maps feature is also there.  Its a much better device than the N770 but less hackable.  Sadly I have not been able to get it to snyc with ubuntu very well so I use my other media devices for the podcasts.  Also because the paid aps can not sync in the moment I only have one really great space game incase of boredom at airport or something.  Its hard to be very bored when you have in your bag a Iphone with 50 or 60 books on it and a N770 with 300-500 books on it.

USB sticks and portable aps.  I am still using portable aps every day.  Its a taste of free as in beer but not so much a taste of freedom anymore but that is ok.  It still does not make my boot time on the required windows Xp work machine go any slower.  Of note I found a portable vitural box and it really opened up some current passion and geeky ness.  I have a small work lap.  It has 2GB a 120 GB hard drive so even having a second xp in vm running or a full ubuntu is takes it very hard.  I had been using DSL linux 4.10 on it for a long time.  The internet stuff on the DLS linux does not work very well any more as the world has moved on.  I fund that doing the same thing with puppy linux was too slow for me and took well over 256 mb with chrome running.  So its too big.  Enter Tiny core.  I will have a really long podcast about the tinycore soon very very exciting.

Current media devices are two rock box hacked the Iriver H10 and Morbe 100.  I have a scan disk 8gb clip that I really like and a archos v2 choc that are very nice also the problem with the rockbox devices is they are too small to handle each and everything.  so my podcasts are doing the better part of 4gb in constant motion from the gpodder in ubuntu.  So the Rockbox Iriver is only filling in when there has been a charging error on my part.  No juice no work .  The Mrobe has all my hard rock on it does trips and connects to the portable speakers well.  the Archos I most likely should have not purchased but will be a replace ment for the san disk and has the same features.  I have a ipod mini but I want to hack it.  but the 16GB cf cards are still too expensive to justify the hack.  The 8gb cf is great but i already have two 8gb devices and they are expandable with mico sd cards to 16GB.  But the ipod mini has far better sound quality going for it.  so it sits on the shelf waiting.

I felt really bad about the pod fade on hacker public radio.  So I will do my longer sessions on there and help Ken to keep it going.  I spoke with deepgeek but I think he miss understood.  I did not want to pod cast with him I wanted him to tell me what he thought of the process of the hacker public radio.  My biggest problem with it has always been the long promo.  I listening and blame a long time in my life is wasted on the intro and exit.  There was really good show recently with claw2 and a slackware guy that was great.

I run a slack varient at work called salix its a great server distro really.





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