Portable Virtualbox

November 6, 2010

I had an itch I needed to scratch.  Which is how my journey in to gagets and linux really started.  I had been using DSL Linux with instructions from pendrive linux.com.



What I really liked about the above solution was that it did not mess up with the general operation of my work xp computer.  As time went on DSL did not get updated.  But it still worked on only 64mb of space.

From time to time I go to the pendrive linux site and look around.  They have a lot of adds which is a sad thing but often they have very interesting ones.  Not just the sex or drugs ones.

I stumpled upon this article and it started a three or four night journey into hours and hours of getting something right.


the down load site seems down in the moment but I got the code about a week ago.

I may put it up on the sdf site I have.

But I got it.  One of the really big problems that I have always had with linux and vmware player was that each every time the kernel changes that you to reinstall everything while this is a 10 to 15 minute thing I just can not be doing it on fedora or debian testing every time the kernel changes.  The pain was on a windows xp box anyway.  I wanted a replacement for DSL that had a lightweight browser, full office suite, openssh, python, pearl 5.0.  Also added bc, finch, screan and IRC client to it.  it came in at 100mb with tiny core using the vitual box portable which is is fast and clean I had few issues with the the mouse movement and did a lot of clicking of the right central button.  But I sense this may in fact be more a tiny core issue than anything else.  What this solution does not have is games.  DSL had a bunch of nice games on it.  So I kept it for the games and did not delete.




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