Jolly Cloud Review

November 16, 2010

Hi everyone I used Jolicloud, I had heard Jolicloud’s review by the linux action show and thought I would try it.  I was on the road in Frankfurt with limited internet access.  And you can not install it and look at it with an internet connection.  There was no terminal installed on it.  Also there was no leafpad editor or note editor installed on it.  google docs is no longer supported offline any more so I was stuck. 

What I was impressed with. 
That it offered a web interface if you use your jolicloud there are files in the cloud and all your internet life is right there one click away.  But for traveling with a netbook with no g3 it was not my cup of tea.  

The interface is clean and fast on my Asus 701 and it worked really well with an internet connection.


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