A Linux Update

November 22, 2010

Hi Everyone hope you are doing fine.
I have been busy I had to do the reserve weekend so there was little linux or opensource in my life.
But I played a lot with puppy today and found the errors that I had been having and a work around for them.

As most of you know I am a usb key freak.
So if I am in the internet cafe and I trying to use my open software or something like that.

I want both the option to boot puppy or use portable aps.  Saddly many internet cafes are turning away from usb enablement. Which is a real petty because it makes real information freedom not a reality for many.  If you have broadband internet you have an IP address but at the intercafe you are free.  You can use your own putty and have ssh so unless they got some one that reads your screen its not really possible to know who you are.  Google also an no proof login  just create a name and you have ssl secure email.  Very nice.

The puppy for some reason was breaking when I used encryption.  I just deleted the user file which took away all my custom work about an hour.  So I had to start again.  I used most of the drive for the sfs file non encrypted.  It worked again. 

Then I installed portable aps and opera, command prompt, a calculator, putty, winscp, xeon and a small editor.  so the stick is once again a true useful thing in any computer any where.   I was also having trouble that when I used p magic if I had a ext2 and a fat 32 partition that the fat 32 would not show up on any windows computer.  It worked with linux but not the microsoft. 

I got several comments about my Asus 701 thank you every one and i down loaded Pepermint and the ice as two users suggested and will start testing it. 

I have been using unity for a few days and find it ok but a bit hard to find what want.  but it runs good.  It did fail the ipod sync test or iphone sync test and rhythum box takes for ever to get catalog down loaded but I need to try this another internet area to be sure I am in Saint Leon rot and lord only knows what types of filtering goes on.  But downsloads iso’s in about 4 minutes so its good when a new distro comes out. 

Well stay safe and I appreciate your tips.



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