Ubuntu Netbook 10.10

November 27, 2010

I have been using the lastest netbook down load of 10.10 for about two weeks now.  I think it is improvement over the old net book design.  I have not used the multi touch features as I am using the Asus 701.  But works well with the 3GB drive and offers full suspend etc that lxde does not do out of the box.  The interphase requires a lot of getting used to.  And I did not like very many of the stock applications.  One key advantage it has overy jolly cloud however is that it has an offline note writting tool.  Of note I am thunder bird guy and i like gaim or pigeon.  I do not like oracle office so that was a waste as well.  I really like VLC.  So what I really wish is something like suse builder for ubuntus netbook release.  I want an iso.  I want these things on my net book tell me how much space I need.


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