I am about a month behind on listening to my podcasts.  Life happens and its the middle of Football season.  I been reviewing the changes to 10.10 and Fedora 15.  I got the disk for Fedora 15 but have not upgraded the machine yet.  I have 10.10 on a net book find the live fedora cd very clean and well presented.  With the Spins Fedora meets me my needs but I have heard on the fedora weekly podcast that fedora is reviewing how the spins in the distribution work.  Moving to a method were you pick what you want.  Much like PC BSD will be doing in the future.  The changes in plans by ubuntu’s leadership makes sense.  Gnome is late and seems fragmented.  So to have there own Gnome type shell that they control resources to is fine.  Also the Xorg system is years and years old.  And you have to look at a new way.  We have doing Xorg since the 90s.  Ubuntu needs to look 5 years down the line and say this is were linux will be.   Sadly it will most likely be only the way people who pay for full time development support want it to be.  So linux will be what Redhat, Ubuntu and what is left of Open Suse to pay to develop.   While I did think that Slackware and Debain will still be there its important to remember that there only so much Robbie with the slackware crew and the Debian team can do without the other parties.  Heavy lifting needs to be done in the next five years to keep up with technology changes in computers.