March 5, 2013

Sorry guys for the Delay life happens a lot sometimes.  I have not been using cutting edge linux lately.  Debian 6.3 and Ubuntu 12.04 with CentOS 5.8 thrown in for good measure.


I had been trying to get some use from my older server in the printer room.  For many years I have used an old HP slim workstation with windows XP to backup my outlook and index my mail.  So I put unbuntu 12.04 LTS on.  I spend a good deal of time going to the SAP service market place.  Single sign on and opeing all the notes, SAP quicksizer and SDN content management system is a pain.  

I had wanted to use Tight VNC but never got it work.  So I looked at Ghost in machine and few other VDI solutions.  An ABAP developer mentioned he using X2go with XFCE and Arch linux.  

Not loving ARCH because of time it takes to configure vs.  Centos or Ubuntu 12.04 LTS I researched about using X2go and It seemed work well with ubuntu LTS.

It works great with unity.  keeps everything secure and live so only reboots needed monthly for the new headers etc.  

Almost no extra load on server or remote.  It does not display on the monitor of the server locally only on the remote notebook.



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