Open Solaris and how to put linux on a usb stick or compact flash

March 3, 2009

Well not much going on in the Linux and free software world today. I got my official free sun Microsystems open solaris disk today. It came with a customs form on it and clearly printed the rules. I am all set to go pure open source for my desk top at work now.

I can get a vm server to log into remotely I might not even have to dual boot.

If I can get wine with 2007 office to work for when I have presentations. The presentation mode in Linux or solaris is not the best in the moment. But one can hope intel will come up with something.

You can get your free disk from sun on their download web site. I am telling you if you have used open SUSE 11.1 or the new fedora you will never go back once you have installed this. And it has ZFS out of the box. You might want to listen to floss weekly this week because they had the sun guys on talking about zfs.

OK just a quick how to about installing boot able images to a compact flash or usb key.

OK get your distro, I like fedora 9, puppy Linux 4.12 and slax as good memory stick bootables. Just the ISO files and run the check sums they have a good program for this at

Then get your iso transition software called unetbootin

follow the steps here:

The steps given there will work with any distro and unebootin.

Have a great day


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